Installation and splicing:

1.ceramic table heavier weight, so in the table before installation please confirm below the cabinet has been installed, and ensure the firmness and the top level, check the stress frame and the connecting force to bear force.

2, after the confirmation, will need to clean up the cross section of the bonding.2 when the table is installed with buffer before you can try to put the table, according to the situation of the interview to make adjustments to ensure that the table before and after alignment and standard level. In the end, the buffer is removed and the color of the surface of the silica gel is similar to the surface.

Ceramic table in the factory according to the user site accurate processing. As in the installation site, needs to be modified, you can add water cooling cutting with the commonly used hand-held ceramic cutting machine; such as drilling, processing with marble or glass special emery emery grinding drill; the same hand mill construction.

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