Technical Data


1.Resistance to high temperature
And laboratory common high temperature 600 degrees, not foaming, not broken, especially suitable for a long time to place the combustion furnace ventilation cabinet.

2.24 hours super corrosion resistance

Inert materials have strong resistance to most corrosive chemicals.

3.Absolute moisture

The epoxy resin worktop with low water absorbition, does not absorb moisture in the air, the installation will not warp deformation, especially suitable for the operation of splash zone.

4.Pollution resistance

Surface is smooth, no stoma, not to hide the dirt, effectively restrain bacterial growth, such as the SARS virus, etc.,especially suitable for the medicine and biological laboratories.

5.Safe and reliable

Do not contain asbestos ingredient, nonflammable, non-conductive, do not produce poisonous gas when heated, will not violate the safety and health of operator.


One core, not to take off layer, not inflation, not cracked,surface scratches can be repaired after renovation

7.High performance to price ratio

Unique 19mm thickness, the market is the highest price of the laboratory table system.

8.Beautiful appearance

Smooth surface (MATT finish) , light reflection, easy to clean, easy maintenance.

9.Uniform color

Ensure the color of different batches of products is permanent, can be used for multi color selection.


Physical property Test standard Imperial units International unit
Compressive strength ASTMD695 38.355psi 264MPa
Bending strength ASTMD790 13.210psi 90.9MPa
Tensile strength ASTMD638 11.100psi 76MPa
Density ASTMD792 143.64lbs/ft3 2.30g.cm3
M hardness ASTMD785 93.7 93.7
Hot deformation temperature ASTMD648 457°F 230℃
Coefficient of thermal expansion ASTMD696 1.2*10-5in/°F 2.65*10-5mm/℃
Fire resistance ASTMD635 Non combustible Non combustible
Water absorption ASTMD570 0.05% 0.05%



1.Testing method

After 24 hour exposure,exposed areas are washed with water,then a detergent solution,finally with naphtha,then rinsed with distillde water and dried with a cloth.Change in surface finish and function shall be described by the following(1-5) ratings:

1) No Effect: No detectable change in the material surface.

2) Excellent: Slight detectable change in color or gloss,but no change to the function or life of the work surface material.

3) Good: Clearly discernible change in 
color or gloss,but no significant impairment of surface life or function.

4) Fair: Objectionable change in appearance due to surface discoloration or etch,possiby resulting in deterioration of function over an extended period.

5) Failure: Pitting, cratering or erosion of work surface material,obvious and significant deterioration.

2.Minimum acceptable results

Minimum acceptable test results shall be equal to or better than the following reagent rating:
Inorganic Acids-Corrosive  
Chromic Acid 40% 4
Hydrochloric Acid 10% 1
Hydrochloric Acid 37% 1
Nitric Acid 40% 1
Nitric Acid 70% 1
Sulfuric Acid 60% 1
Sulfuric Acid 96% 5
Organic Acids-Corrosive  
Acetic Acid 5% 1
Acetic Acid,Glacial 1
Citric Acid 1% 1
Oleic Acid 1
Phenol Solution 5% 1
Alkaline Solutions-Corrosive  
Ammonium Hydroxide 10% 1
Sodium Carbonate Sol 20% 1
Sodium Hydroxide 60% 1
Sodium Hypochlorite Sol  4% 1
Potassium  Hydroxide 15% 1
Organic Solvents  
Acetone 2
Benzen 2
Carbon Tetrachloride 2
Dimethyl Ether 1
Dimethyl Formamide 1
Ethyl Acetate 1
Ethyl Alcohol 95% 1
Ethylene Dichloride 1
Heptane 1
Isooctane 1
Kerosene 1
Methyl Alcohol 1
Toluene 1
Organic Compounds  
Aniline 1
Mineral Oil 1
Oilve Oil 1
Soap Solution 1% 1
Transformer Oil 1
Turpentine 1

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