Compact panel

compact panel
Resistance times the special plate is made of decorative color paper containing melamine resin, with layers of black or brown kraft paper containing leaching phenolic resin layer, then use steel plate through high temperature (150 ℃) and high pressure (1430 psi) suppression and become, the environment of thickness from 1.6 mm to 25 mm all can make.


compact panel

compact panel


1220mm*2440mm  1220mm*3050mm


1525mm*3050mm  1525mm*3660mm


1525mm*3050mm  1525mm*3660mm


Times the special plate has excellent stability, durable, water resistant, moisture resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and easy cleaning maintenance features, thus resistance times special board a wide applicable scope, can be roughly divided into the following three types:
Compact toilet partition

Compact cabinet

compact cabinet

1, Indoor type, because of the resistance times the special board has wear-resisting, fire prevention, prevent bacteria and antistatic properties, is widely used in the counter of the bank and the airport system and interior wall mu washing, public indoor and windbreak health compartment, the station platform and bench, school desks and chairs, dining room table and ambry hangers, etc.

Compact interior wall

Compact chamber wall

compact various colors of the wall

2, Outdoor type plate resistance times, have monochrome three series, natural color and metal color, bright color and beautiful durable, more for public facilities and so on exterior wall and the balcony, and personnel in and out of all kinds of facilities.

lab compact cabinet

lab furniture compact cabine

lab furniture compact cabine

3, Laboratory, because of the resistance times the special board has the outstanding resistance, suitable for physics laboratory, chemical laboratory, biochemical laboratory and clinical practice room and other facilities, and research institutes, and communication of the workbench.

compact table top

compact products

compact chair

In addition to the above main use, anti bate plate has characteristics of high function and high concept, facilities can also be used in many other areas, thus brings infinite rich concept.

Compact panel Park chair

Compact panel bench chair

Compact panel Park chair

Compact panel Coffee shop round table

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