12mm thickness of the above L series, if need to pile up the need to strengthen the structure, the false edge of the water must be greater than the width of 20mm.
With a series of installation and splicing between the splicing surface must be spliced according to L series of products in the same horizontal or vertical direction, recommend the use of adhesive, epoxy bonded parts etc..
The same series with the wall or other building materials, must be set aside enough space, the proposed greater than 10mm.
When a plate is fixed in the laboratory furniture, can use the bolt fixing method, in the plate supporting the keel must be slotted hole, a groove shaped hole is larger than 15mm, so that the board can independently support system in mobile, with a limit of drilling gun drilling to prevent excessive penetration of surface drilling depth.
When installing the laboratory table, we must keep the space in the joint of the two plates to prevent the expansion of the table.
In a humid environment, the expansion space of the plate can be reserved by the adjustable interface.
The use of silica gel closed interface, but there is an interface near the sink, the sink should also avoid the joint.

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