Physical and chemical plate cleaning and maintenance


1.Do not put the concentration higher than 96% of sulfuric acid or nitric acid and corrosion resistance of physical and chemical plate for a long time contact (more than 5 hours)

2.Do not direct contact with the non conventional test of the corrosion resistance of the physical and chemical board

3. Please do not place this material in a long time under the temperature of more than 135℃.

4.Do not use glass, hot gas stove, alcohol stove or above 180℃ molten metal, cremation and other unknown temperature objects in direct contact with chemical resistant plate

5.The experiment is completed, remember to wipe clean, in order to avoid residual acid, alkali dissolution of prolonged exposure to lead to damage.

6.Do not use acidic, alkaline or corrosive cleaning agents to clean the corrosion resistance of the board


1.Physical and chemical corrosion resistance plate appearance claims use warm water cleansing, acetone or mild nature, not containing acid constituents of cleaning agent to avoid damaging the appearance

2.For stubborn stains, you can first in the corrosion resistance of the chemical and chemical plate surface, drops of hypochlorous acid , and then rinse with water.

3.When cleaning the physical and chemical board, the surface of the board can not be used with abrasive, containing acidic, alkaline or corrosive cleaning agent,
Otherwise it will affect the table

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