Anti chemical countertops in chemistry laboratories

Anti chemical countertops

Anti chemical countertops made of epoxy resin sheet by cutting processing with matt finish and black color. Thickness is 19 mm. It fitted with a faucet , an eye wash and under mount epoxy resin sink .We have many sizes and type countertops for you to choose your chemistry laboratories

Chemistry laboratories anti chemical worktops

anti corrosion countertops
Worktops made by epoxy resin

Marine edge anti chemical worktops

marine edge anti chemical countertops
Many size and type

Chemistry laboratory in University

anti chemical countertops in university
Wilde use in University

Fabrication of anti chemical worktops

Skill worker

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Anti chemical worktops slab

The hot sale grey slab


Quality assured

About Shengstone

shengstone anti corrosion countertops
Professional anti chemical worktops supplier
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