high school laboratory countertops

High school laboratory countertops

High school laboratory countertops use phenolic resin boards extensively. it is strong chemical resistance and many excellent physical properties . Phenolic resin boards have cost advantage and able to meet the budget requirements of the high school laboratory. We cooperate with laboratory furniture companies to produce countertops, desktops and sinks.

High school lab countertops

high school laboratory countertops
High school laboratory

Chemical resistant countertops for lab furniture

Phenolic resin boards production

high school laboratory phenolic boards production
High school lab countertop boards

Phenolic resin board specification

1220X244048″X 96″
1220X305048″X 120″
1220X366048″X 144″
1525X305060″X 120″
1525X366060″X 144″
Thickness: 12.7 16 19 25.4 MM

Phenolic countertops for laboratory

High school lab countertops SGS certificate

Countertops fabricating

Corrosion resistant worktop fabrication
Lab furniture worktop fabrication

High school hexagonal worktops


Chemical resistant worktop exporting
High school lab countertops loading

Lab furniture phennolic boards

International cooperation

International cooperation

Big size pp sink for school laboratories

Factory directly

Phenolic resin sheet production
Phenolic resin sheets production
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