Lab furniture phenolic laminates for sale

Phenolic laminates for sale

Phenolic laminates for sales, Phenolic laminate is a kind of high strength, wear resistance and anti-corrosion artificial board, it is made mainly by phenolic resin and filler materials. It has excellent mechanical properties and chemical stability, and can withstand corrosive media such as acid, alkali and salt in various laboratory environments

Phenolic board for sale near me

Phenolic boards production

phenolic laminates for sale production
The advanced phenolic board machine line

Lab furniture phenolic laminate

Light grey phenolic boads

Thickness 25.4 mm phenolic boards

Laboratory phenolic resin laminates

Phenolic boards countertops

lab furniture phenolic sheets factory
Laboratory furniture countertop in University

Phenolic resin board specification

1220X244048″X 96″
1220X305048″X 120″
1220X366048″X 144″
1525X305060″X 120″
1525X366060″X 144″
Thickness: 12.7 16 19 25.4 MM
More size and thickness is available

Lab phenolic board for sale Bangladesh

SGS certificate

SEFA 3-2020 recommended practices for laboratory work surfaces clause 2.1
SEFA 3-2020

Packing of phenolic boards

Phenolic resin sheet export packing

Phenolic resin sheets

International cooperation

shengstone International cooperation
Cooperate with many famous lab furniture maker

Phenolic boards factory

Phenolic resin sheet production
Whole sale with the cost performance
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