phenolic board for sale singapore

Phenolic board for sale Singapore

Phenolic board for sale Singapore ,Southeast Asian countries have always been a very important market for us, we make full use of ASEAN and China’s trade preferential conditions, to provide customers with high-quality and affordable laboratory phenolic boards to meet the growing needs of customers.

Laboratories of University in Singapore

The construction of the school laboratories in Singapore in 2024 has had a positive impact on its technological development in many ways.

Phenolic board for sale Singapore laboratory benchtops
Laboratory bench tops for university

phenolic board for sale product line
the advanced product line

Phenolic board production

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Phenolic board Offer

Color: As required
Thickness: 12.7 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm
Slab Size: 3050 x 1525 mm
Surface: Matt
Mini order : 30 pcs
Delivery time: 15-30 days after receipt of deposit.

Phenolic board specifications

1220X244048″X 96″
1220X305048″X 120″
1220X366048″X 144″
1525X305060″X 120″
1525X366060″X 144″
Thickness: 12.7 16 19 25.4 MM

Lab phenolic board

Phenolic board for sale Singapore
Phenolic board for lab furniture maker

Lab phenolic board countertop

Phenolic board SGS certificate

International cooperation

shengstone International cooperation
Cooperation with many famous lab furniture maker

Phenolic board export loading

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Proper packing for safety

Phenolic board factory directly

Phenolic resin sheet production
Factory directly with whole sale price
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