Phenolic boards for school laboratory

Phenolic boards for school laboratory

Phenolic boards for school laboratory ,the requirements for phenolic resin boards are quite stringent. Here are some crucial requirements:

Safety performance

First and foremost, safety performance is of paramount importance. The phenol resin board needs to have excellent fire protection characteristics to ensure the safety of the laboratory.

Chemical stablility

Secondly, chemical stability is also indispensable, as it must be able to effectively resist the erosion of common chemical reagents and prevent safety concerns caused by damage to the board.

Wear and scratch resistance

In addition, wear resistance and scratch resistance should also be excellent to withstand students’ frequent operation during the experiment.
From the perspective of physical properties, it needs to have sufficient strength and hardness to support the placement of experimental equipment and instruments.


At the same time, the surface of the board should be smooth and smooth to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, and maintain the environmental hygiene of the laboratory.
Environmental performance is also a key consideration, and environmental standards must be met to safeguard students’ health.

Specifications and colors

In addition, the size and shape of the phenol resin board should be easy to install and disassemble to meet various experimental requirements.
In the choice of color, it is advisable to use a more stable tone to create a rigorous and focused experimental atmosphere.


Finally, price is also an important consideration, and it is necessary to control costs reasonably while ensuring quality.


In summary, the requirements for phenol alcohol resin boards in high school laboratories not only cover basic characteristics such as safety performance and chemical stability, but also involve appearance, price, and many other aspects to fully meet the diverse needs of laboratories.

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Phenolic boards
Color: As required
Thickness: 12.7 mm / 16 mm / 19 mm
Slab Size: 3050 x 1525 mm
Surface: Matt
Mini order : 30 pcs
Delivery time: 15-30 days after receipt of deposit.

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