Lab bench top

Lab bench top

Lab bench top , In the laboratory construction, the choice of furniture countertops has a very important significance. Due to the large amount of exposure to chemical agents, the laboratory worktops must have corrosion resistance characteristics, so that the laboratory test can get reliable test results. Phenolic sheets are a good material for laboratory countertops, it is the most widely used corrosion-resistant countertops with stable chemical and physical properties and moderate cost. Our phenoilc sheets have excellent corrosion resistance and have been strictly tested by SGS. There are a variety of specifications, thicknesses and colors to choose from. It is very suitable for use in laboratories in secondary schools, universities and other educational fields

Phenolic boards

Black phenol resin sheets

lab bench top
Matt finish,thickness 16 for Africa high school project

Phenol panel colors

Black,light grey,green colors

phenolic board colors
In common use of colors

Phenolic resin board specification

1220X244048″X 96″
1220X305048″X 120″
1220X366048″X 144″
1525X305060″X 120″
1525X366060″X 144″
Thickness: 12.7 16 19 25.4 MM
More size and thickness is available


university laboratory bench top
University laboratory bench top

SGS certificate

SEFA 3-2020 recommended practices for laboratory work surfaces clause 2.1

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countertop export loading
Countertop export loading
phenolic resin sheet export packing
Phenolic resin laminate export packing

Phenolic countertop fabricating

lab furniture worktop fabrication
Phenolic worktop fabrication

Phenolic borads factory

phenolic sheets making
Phenolic sheets making
Phenolic resin sheet production
Phenolic resin sheets production
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