Lab Ceramic worktops

Lab ceramic worktops

Lab ceramic worktops, using 20 mm thick integrated solid core black blank body laboratory special ceramic board, the whole countertop integrated high temperature firing molding, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance.

Chemical resistant lab worktops for lab furniture

Ceramic worktops

lab ceramic worktops
Marine edge ceramic worktops

Lab ceramic countertops

Worktoptop using 25 mm thick with integrated glaze firing process and surrounded by an integrated ceramic water blocking edge (marine edge), it can effectively prevent liquid overflow and prevent cleaning beaker flask accidental sliding.

Marine edge worktop section details

lab marine edge ceramic worktop section details
The high 6mm marine edge and corrosion-resistant glaze can effectively prevent the damage and spill of the liquid in the experiment

Lab marine edge ceramic countertops

Ceramic worktops in university

university ceramic worktop

Lab ceramic countertops

Marine edge island worktops

marine edge ceramic worktops
4 sides marine edge island ceramic worktops

Lab marine edge countertops for laboratories

White color ceramic boards

white boards
White color for lab furniture project

Grey ceramic boards

grey color boards
Hot sale grey color ceramic boards with matt finish

Worktops packing

worktop packing
Ceramic worktops packing for projects

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