Lab furniture phenolic laminate

Lab furniture phenolic laminate

Lab furniture phenolic laminate is made of phenolic resin and kraft paper under high temperature and pressure made of artificial board, it will be modified according to different uses.For example,HPL, phenolic boards, solid color core board, exterior board panel…Phenolic resin board has strong chemical resistant properties and widely used in chemical industry,educational, medical and biological laboratory .We supply chemical resistant board to laboratory furniture maker around world , to make benchtop ,countertop, fume hood worktop for different kinds of lab furniture

Chemical resistant laminated

Phenolic laminate production

lab furniutre phenolic laminate production
Phenolic resin sheet production

Laboratory phenolic resin laminated

Light grey phenolic laminate

light grey lab furniture phenolic laminate
Laboratory furniture phenolic laminate

Lab furniutre phenolic laminates for sale

Black phenolic laminate

black lab furniture  phenolic laminate

Lab furniutre phenolic slabs

Phenolic resin laminate specification

1220X244048″X 96″
1220X305048″X 120″
1220X366048″X 144″
1525X305060″X 120″
1525X366060″X 144″
Thickness: 12.7 16 19 25.4 MM

More size and thickness is available

Lab furniture phenolic boards

lab furniture phenolic laminate packing
Phenolic resin sheet export packing

SGS certificate of phenolic laminate

International cooperation

shengstone International cooperation

Phenolic board factory

Phenolic resin sheet production
Phenolic resin sheets production
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