Laboratory furniture sinks

Laboratory furniture sinks

Laboratory furniture sinks , We offer 4 kinds of lab sink which is made by epoxy resin,polypropylene (PP), ceramic , stainless steel. There are many types, size and colors for laboratory sinks


Laboratory sinks

laboratory furniture sinks
Laboratory epoxy resin sink

Laboratory epoxy sink

Laboratory polypropylene (PP) sink

grey pp sink
Grey color medium size laboratory pp sink

Polypropylene lab sink for school laboratories

Laboratory pp sink offer

Material: High density PP
Color: Grey,black
Resistant to strong acids, alkali, and organic solvents such as aqua regia;
Strong stability, elasticity, toughness, and resistance to aging

Laboratory PP medium sink specification

Laboratory sink size details

Corrosion resistant epoxy resin sinks

Quality inspection

laboratory sink inspection
Laboratory sink inspection

Lab phenolic boards for sale

Laboratory epoxy sink type

epoxy resin sink size and colors
laboratory sinks many color and size

Sink production

epoxy resin sink fabrication
Profession laboratory epoxy resin sink supplier
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