Chemical resistant countertops for lab furniture

Chemical resistant countertops

Chemical resistant countertops are currently a popular parts in laboratory. It requires chemical resistance under laboratory conditions, so several materials such as epoxy resin countertops , phenolic worktops, ceramic lab worktops are often used

Epoxy resin Countertops

chemical resistant countetops
Epoxy resin worktops ,black color and honed finish

Advantages of epoxy resin countertops:

Strong corrosion resistance: It can resist the erosion of a variety of chemical substances and is suitable for various chemical experiment environments.
Good integrity: Seamless splicing, smooth surface, not easy to accumulate dirt and grime, and easy to clean.
High temperature resistance: It can withstand a certain high temperature and is not easy to deform.
Rich in colors: Various colors can be formulated according to needs.
Relatively high strength: It is strong and durable and can withstand heavier items and operating pressure.

Disadvantages of epoxy resin countertops:

High price: Compared with some other materials, the cost is relatively expensive.
Has certain brittleness: In case of strong impact, it may crack and other situations.


For example, in some high-end laboratories with extremely high requirements for countertop cleanliness and corrosion resistance, the advantages of epoxy resin countertops make it the first choice; but for small laboratories with limited budgets, its price may become a consideration factor.

Epoxy resin benchtops

professional benchtops
Professional benchtops


Benefits of using epoxy resin worktops in Laboratories

Marine edge epoxy resin countertops

grey color chemical resistant countertops
Grey marine edge worktop

Laboratory fume hood

Fume hood epoxy resin countertops

marine edge fume hood chemical resistatn countertops
Marine fume hood worktops

Lab marine edge countertops for furniutre

Epoxy resin countertops fabrication

Worktop cut to size

Marine edge countertops making

Skill countertop master working

Material inspection

corrosion resistance material testing
Material inspection

SEFA practices

SEFA 3-2020 recommended practices for laboratory work surfaces clause 2.1
SEFA 3- 2020

SGS certificate

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Countertops loading

countertop export loading
Countertops export loading

Professional lab countertops maker

shengstone chemical resistant workotps
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