Chemical resistant worktops

Chemical resistant worktops

Chemical resistant worktops are currently a popular parts in laboratory furniture. It requires chemical resistance under laboratory conditions, so several materials such as lab epoxy resin worktops , phenolic countertops, ceramic worktops are often used

About epoxy resin worktops

In recent years, epoxy resin worktops have witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity. Their numerous advantages truly stand out. Firstly, the corrosion resistance it offers is truly exceptional. It has the ability to effectively resist the corrosive effects of a wide range of chemical substances, which is of utmost importance in environments such as laboratories where various chemicals are routinely used. This makes it an ideal choice for such settings, ensuring long-term durability and functionality.


Epoxy resin worktops

chemical resistant lab worktops
Chemical resistant countertop ,black color and honed finish

Phenolic resin worktops

Chemical resistant countertops for lab furniutre

phenolic lab worktops
Black epoxy resin slab for chemical worktop

Ceramic worktops

ceramic lab worktops
Ceramic worktops laboratories

Epoxy resin countertops

Marine edge worktops

grey color chemical resistant worktops
Grey marine edge sinktop

Chemical resistant countertops for lab furniture

Fume hood worktops

marine edge fume hood chemical resistatn  worktops
Marine fume hood top

Laboratory epoxy resin slabs

Lab marine edge countertops for furniture

Worktops fabrication

Cut to size

Marine edge worktops making

Skill worker

Black epoxy resin slabs for laboratory furniture

Material inspection

corrosion resistance material testing
Material inspection

SEFA 3 2020

SEFA 3-2020 recommended practices for laboratory work surfaces clause 2.1
SEFA clause 2.1

SGS certificate

International cooperation

shengstone International cooperation
Cooperation with many famous lab furniture maker

Worktops loading

countertop export loading
worktops export loading

Professional chemical resistant countertops supplier

shengstone chemical resistant workotps
Factory directly with whole sale price
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