epoxy resin slab

Epoxy resin slab

Epoxy resin slab . In the laboratory, epoxy resin countertops have become a widely used material due to their unique properties and advantages.

Chemical resistant properties

First of all, the epoxy resin countertop has excellent corrosion resistance. It can resist the attack of various chemicals, including corrosive liquids such as strong acids and alkalis. This makes it perform well in chemical experiments and ensures the long-term stability of the experimental furniture

Scratch and friction resistant

Secondly, high wear resistance is another important feature. During frequent experimental operations and instrument use, it can withstand wear and scratches to maintain a smooth surface.

Insulation properties

Furthermore, the epoxy resin countertop has good insulation properties, effectively preventing the occurrence of electric shock accidents and ensuring the safety of experimental personnel.

Easy to clean

In addition, it is also popular for its easy-to-clean characteristics. The surface is smooth and stains are not easy to adhere. It can be restored to a clean and tidy state with simple cleaning steps, which is conducive to maintaining a hygienic environment in the laboratory.

Physical laboratory

In physical experiments, the stability and load-bearing capacity of the epoxy resin countertop make it an ideal choice. It can withstand heavier equipment and instruments to ensure the smooth progress of the experiment.

Biological laboratory

For biological experiments, its antibacterial properties help prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, ensuring the accuracy of experimental results.

Beautiful appearance

Not only that, the epoxy countertop also has a beautiful appearance. It can be customized according to the overall design of the laboratory, in harmony with the surrounding environment.


Overall, epoxy resin countertops play an important role in laboratories. Its corrosion resistance, wear resistance, insulation, ease of cleaning, and aesthetics make it an ideal choice for laboratory equipment, providing reliable support for scientific research and experimental work.

Laboratory furniture countertops

Black epoxy slab

laboratory epoxy resin slabs
Thickness 25 mm, honed finish , black colors for Middle East clients

Chemical resistant lab worktops for lab furniture


Epoxy slab
Mini order :30 pcs
Delivery:20 days

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Grey epoxy slab

grey laboratory epoxy resin slabs
Thickness 20 mm, honed finish, Grey colors for European lab furniture maker

Benefits of using epoxy resin worktops in laboratories

Epoxy slab production

Corrosion resistant epoxy slabs production

Black epoxy resin slab for laboratory furniture

Main colors of epoxy slab

Black and grey are the most hot sale colors,accept custom color

Chemical resistant epoxy countertops project

Petronas laboratory countertop project with European client

Chemistry laboratory epoxy resin sheets

Material inspection

Epoxy slab chemical resistant rating

SEFA practices

SEFA 3-2020 recommended practices for laboratory work surfaces clause 2.1
SEFA 3-2020

SGS certificate

Quality assured

Epoxy resin sheets packing

laboratory epoxy resin slabs
A pallet weight is not over 3000 kgs for small forklift loading
laboratory epoxy resin slabs

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international cooperation
Cooperation with many famous lab furniture maker

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