Chemistry laboratory epoxy resin sheets

Chemistry laboratory epoxy resin sheets

Chemistry laboratory epoxy resin sheets,the chemical laboratory has high requirements for the corrosion resistance of furniture countertops, and the comprehensive corrosion resistance of worktops must meet the indicators due to contact with acids, alkalis, and organic solvents. Depending on SEFA 3 2020 recommended practices for laboratory work surfaces clause 2.1 , our test result is “Met the test requirement”.Our epoxy sheets have already sold to international market with good reputation

Epoxy sheets

chemistry laboratory epoxy resin sheets
Chemistry laboratory epoxy sheets

Corrosion resistant phenolic sheets for laboratory

Epoxy resin sheets colors

laboratory epoxy resin worktops colors
Epoxy resin sheets custom colors

Lab epoxy resin worktops in laboratories

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Epoxy resin sheets offer

Color: Black
Thickness: 16 mm / 19 mm / 25 mm
Slab Size: 3000 x 1600 mm,1800 x 2700 mm
Surface: Matt, Honed
Mini order : 50 pcs
Delivery time: 15-30 days after receipt of deposit.

    Black epoxy resin slab

    black labortory epoxy resin sheet
    3000x1600x19 mm black epoxy resin slab

    Chemical resistant lab worktops for lab furniture

    Grey epoxy resin slabs

    grey laboratory epoxy resin sheet
    Hot sale grey epoxy sheets

    Black epoxy resin slab for laboratory furniture

    Packing of epoxy sheets

    Epoxy sheets for export packing

    Laboratory epoxy resin slabs

    Factory directly

    Chemical resistant workotps
    ShengStone epoxy resin sheets job
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